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Can Republicans And Libertarians Forge a Political Alliance?

by Lone Shark

In the wake of last week’s General Election defeat at the hands of President Barack Obama, many Republicans as well as those in the conservative movement are apoplectic, still in shock from the defeat and searching for answers.  Many notable establishment conservatives such as Sean Hannity, Bill Kristol and others are already caving to Democrats, as the former now supports amnesty for illegals and the latter doesn’t have a problem with hiking taxes on the so called “rich.”

Many others are advocating that Republicans “move to the center” on social issues like abortion and gay marriage and finally embrace some form of amnesty for illegal immigrants- only these steps, they say will enable the Republican Party to reclaim the White House and by shoring up their base, broadening their appeal to independent voters and minorities and attract  Libertarians back into the the “right” coalition.

Some deep breaths are in order please.  Yes, the Republican party needs to refine its message and run better candidates, but it also must recommit to the principles that it is supposed to be espousing without apology. We outlined what those principles were over three years ago in this very space.  Caving to the Democrats on amnesty for illegal immigrants will not only win us any votes, it will effectively end Republicans’ prospects for ever returning to the White House.

Libertarians are right to point out many places where Republicans have gone adrift, and moving forward, it’s essential that Republicans get back to basics and stress our core principles.  That means stressing the virtues of the free market and ending cronyism- Republicans must talk the talk and walk the walk when it comes to earmarks, subsidies, and corporate welfare.

We’ve also got to get serious about federalism and delineating just what issues rightly belong under the proper purview of the states.  Rather than getting tripped up on or compromising on issues of abortion, contraception, gay marriage, etc., how about reminding voters that these are issues that either state legislatures should be deciding or individuals should be responsible for rather than the federal government?  Much more consistency is needed from Republicans on this front.

Bringing an end to the “war on drugs” and drug prohibition is another area where Republicans and Libertarians should find common ground.  With state referendums for marijuana legalization gaining steam in the states, Republicans should remind folks that this again is a matter reserved for the states even as they discourage drug use.  At minimum, Republicans need to bring an end to the war on drugs and allow the  states to decide questions of crime and punishment pertaining to the intrastate commerce of drugs either for medical or recreational purposes.

One area where Libertarians are deficient is in articulating a coherent foreign policy.  For all of Ron Paul’s valid points about quantitative easing and runaway domestic spending, the Republican party’s standard bearer must have a credible foreign policy- knee jerk isolationism and threatening to summarily cut all foreign aid isn’t going to cut it.

While a more realistic appraisal of our defense commitments abroad is in order, many Libertarians including Paul harbor a lot of naivete about the growing threat of radical Islam as well as the increasing international security threats that we’re now confronting.  We can’t have the Democrats running as the more credible, hawkish defenders of legitimate American interests overseas- that’s traditionally been our advantage.

That’s not to say that the Party should continue to espouse some of the unrealistic visions of certain alleged “neo-cons,” but we most certainly need to shore up our legitimate interests abroad and credibly project power- we can be more intelligent about choosing where and how much our commitments should be.  On this front, perhaps Rand Paul will remind us that not only can we not afford to keep many of our current defense commitments, but also that we do have legitimate interests abroad that must be defended and that there are credible and evolving threats that must be confronted.

It truly is a shame that many Libertarians are more content to register protest votes than they are to actually influence the direction of the country.  If we’re going to return this country to center-right status, forging a new political alliance is necessary. Ron Paul’s efforts, particularly with younger people have turned many of them on to a set of ideals and principles where default liberalism once dominated.  Republicans have to reform the Party by getting back to first principles, and Libertarians have to be animating that conversation within the Party.

No one, whether you’re a movement conservative, rank and file Republican or Libertarian has “clean hands” as it pertains to why we are in the predicament we are in- folks must begin to put egos aside if we’re interested in restoring constitutional precepts to their rightful place.  We did not author these time-honored principles, we inherited them- that fact alone should breed humility amongst us all before we start pointing fingers at each other.  It’s well past time to Unite or Die, as they say.

As we prepare to bear witness to another four years of economic destruction, government intrusion, naked cronyism, obscene spending and bureaucratic inertia at the hands of Barack Obama, how serious are we about bringing these to an end and restoring our republic?  Time is quickly running out, and Democrats are playing for keeps while we’re fighting in the sandbox on the sidelines.

It seems inevitable now that we’ll be witnessing the collapse of our Republic in the not too distant future through a sovereign debt crisis- when exactly is anyone’s guess, but it’s coming.  Is our nation irretrievably lost?  What then will rise in its ashes?  These are questions we all need to be seriously contemplating with the frankness and honesty they deserve.   Obama supporters may be gloating in the aftermath of their electoral triumph, but what lies ahead will hardly be an outcome worth celebrating. 

About author

Javier Manjarres

As the managing editor of The Shark Tank, Javier was awarded the 2011 CPAC Blogger of the Year. Countless videos and articles from the Shark Tank have been featured on Fox News, The Hill, Wall Street Journal, and other national news publications. Javier has also appeared on Univision’s “Al Punto” and numerous radio shows, including being the weekly 92.5 Fox News' DayBreak with Drew Steele political contributor

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  1. SSMcDonald November 14, 2012 at 7:21 am

    To hell with the worthless establishment Republican Party. A clean sweep is only a start, from the federal level to the local level. Until a major platform change is enacted, establishment Republicans won’t offer much difference from the tax and spend, immoral, liberal socialists.

  2. Norma Brown November 14, 2012 at 8:06 am

    I am a lifelong Republican and Hispanic (Puerto Rican). I am looking to 2014 results to see if the GOP has learned anything and if it is ready to start recruiting at the grassroots level among aspiring Latins everywhere. Cede nothing! But in fact I believe that where we are going is toward a massive movement that groups disparate ideological subgroups under an overarching goal: the defeat of the communists who are swarming through the gates. Remember that the GOP was really a movement, and that may explain its longer term weakness. We need a renewal movement, that focuses on our founding documents and fundamental rights. This could also become a secessionist movement. I myself advocate “congregating” in red and purple states that are contiguous. Everything is in the balance and ready to tip full socialism.

  3. mikeymike143 November 14, 2012 at 9:10 am

    of the over 500 seats that were up for grabs in the house, senate, and governors mansions in 2012, the libertarian party won ZERO. and thats the same amount they won in the 2010 elections. LOL. losers to the max!

    obviously if losertarians cant even win one seat out of 500, they are a bunch of america hating nobodies whose extreme antiwar and unlimited open borders ideas are constantly being rejected by the american people.

    and when that anti semitic loon paul ran for president, he lost EVERY SINGLE state that he ran in. that made him 0-50 in the primary. he also lost every state in 1988 and 2008. which mean voters in every state in the nation, including his home state of texas, rejected him 3 times.

    a libertarian is just another form of a liberal.

    • sherry November 14, 2012 at 11:19 am

      If you really think Libertarian is another form of liberal, you are clueless. There are so many factors at play in national elections that virtually guarantee the two party system dominates and nothing changes. That is not Ron Paul’s fault. If people of all ages, races and parties could hear unfiltered truth – not from their union bosses, not from their teachers, not from the mainstream media or Hollywood, then the electorate would have a better understanding of the issues and make informed votes. Oh, and if schools taught our constitution….that might help.

      • RedStateDan November 20, 2012 at 7:20 am

        Sherry, not meaning to be offensive or argumentative, but I think the reason mikeymike might say that is because there are times when libertarians DO sound exactly like liberals–specifically on social issues like abortion, legalization of drugs, and homosexual marriage. I recognize that your basis for such statements are based on federalism, not liberalism, but the end result is the same, is it not? Ron Paul also espoused a foreign policy that, to me, sounded well to the left of BHO. I saw one quote from a local Libertarian after this disastrous election who said something to the effect of “We need to put forth candidates who will push for the legalization of marijuana.” That was the FIRST policy she mentioned! Everybody tells social conservatives that we need to shut up and forget our core values. Well, maybe–and again, Sherry, I say this with respect–maybe Libertarians need to find a way to reach out to people like me. I like Rand Paul a lot! But Ron Paul sounded all too often to me like a liberal Democrat. If that makes me clueless . . . well, I’m a voter who’s LOOKING for a place to go, but don’t see a home in the Libertarian party at this time.

  4. Russell November 14, 2012 at 1:09 pm

    I am a lifelong Republican but on philosophical grounds I see myself as a libertarian. I ask people to look up “classic liberalism” and understand what it means. Today’s modern left is nothing “liberal” about it.
    In 2008 I supported Ron Paul, not because I agreed with everything he said but I liked a lot of what he had to say. The Republican Party should embrace ideals of strict constitutionalism and states’ rights. The best government is the one closest to home and the founders understood this when they included the 9th and 10th amendments, both of which have become meaningless in today’s discussion. On foreign policy, while I agree that we need a strong national defense and that America has interest that need protected, I for one am tired of America always having to come to the rescue of other nations who never repay us with thanks. The UN has become a liability to the US and NATO along with it. Without the USA, the UN could not function and it’s time for us to stop being the world’s policeman. Why can’t we deal with other nations on a one-on-one/ case-by-case basis? Also on economic issues, I think the libertarians have it right with monetary policy, free markets and ending corporate welfare.
    I both agree and disagree with libertarians on social issues. While I do agree that there are many issues the government should not be involved with, some libertarians have taken this to mean “anything goes”. I am all about personal responsibility and live and let live, when it comes to things like legalization of marijuana or gay marriage (I support civil unions, not gay marriage). But it seems like there is no room for middle ground in today’s discussion.

  5. Sandman November 14, 2012 at 7:21 pm

    As a conservative do I want to unite with libertarians? Hell yes I do. Many of our standpoints are very similar. Especially with domestic fiscal policy. I won’t go as far as islolating ourselves from the rest of the world, we need alias and trade partners, but I’ll say no to more wars with muslims. Let’s unite and defeat the uptopians if it’s not already to late to save the Republic.

  6. Dagny November 15, 2012 at 8:39 pm

    For starters non interventionism, which is what Dr. Ron Paul and his supporters believe in, is NOT isolationism. You haven’t been listening. Dr. Ron Paul is a constitutionalist and he takes the enumerated powers seriously. And one of the most important powers is to protect our national sovereignty. What Dr. Paul says is that we cannot police the world and spread ‘democracy’ principles that we can’t even agree on what they are at home. Countries have sovereignty rights that we have no business usurping. There are diplomatic channels that must be taken first and then our Congress decides from there – not NATO, or the United Nations, nor the Military industrial complex. America is becoming imperialistic in nature, and the military industrial complex is the one that sets our foreign policy for the US, and not the Secretary of State, nor the President nor Congress have much to say about it. The military industrial complex makes money out of starting wars and crisis, and they finance both sides of most comflicts. Dr. Ron Paul wants to stop this takeover by these war mongers. The U.S. is becoming the aggressor and not peacemakers. Dr. Ron Paul is also right when he states that Iran is not a threat to the US. They are surrounded by military bases and they haven’t invaded another country in 100 years, but they have rejected a central bank, and they do not honor the dollar. They sell their oil to the Europeans in exchange for gold, the euro, the Chinese yuán, etc. The FED, Central Bankers, et al are outrageous that they are doing this. They would like nothing better than to establish the same form of corrupt control of their currency as what they have in the U.S. There are only seven countries that do not have central banks because they are smart enough to know what would happen to their national worth. And, these are the very same countries being targeted by the military industrial complex. What these neocons pedal is the same old inciting messages that they hate what we stand for and that they want to destroy our country and freedoms. The world fears a nuclear holocaust and that is why they use this in order to get Americans riled up enough to start another world war with our consent. Our government is using drones to kill innocent children and women which will result in more blowback. This cycle needs to end. Dr. Ron Paul sees the dangers of our foreign policy, which never changes regardless of which party we elect. That says plenty. It’s past time for a change. We need to try peace and we can start by minding our own business. If a country needs our help, then Congress can decide if we should intervene, but it should not be a given.

  7. Alexander Snitker November 26, 2012 at 12:41 pm

    “One area where Libertarians are deficient is in articulating a coherent foreign policy. For all of Ron Paul’s valid points about quantitative easing and runaway domestic spending, the Republican party’s standard bearer must have a credible foreign policy- knee jerk isolationism and threatening to summarily cut all foreign aid isn’t going to cut it.”

    And here is your reason that there is not going to be any “political alliance”.

    When you want to start following the Constitution just let us know. Javier and his little Neo Con love fest of a website wants to make it sound like the GOP is going to move into a Libertarian direction and that we should get together. NOPE saw the same trick in 2010 and 2012.

    Even now you are still a war monger. Go put a uniform on if you want to have troops all over the globe. The sooner the GOP is dead the sooner we can start restoring this country to the Constitutional Republic our founders envisioned.

  8. Sandi Trusso December 14, 2012 at 12:06 pm

    They cannot form an alliance, because Libertarians are trying to take over the Republican Party. Unfortunately, they’re doing it with deception. They claim to be conservative, but they’re only conservative in a couple of areas, whereas they are very liberal in the moral issues (which is extremely important to most Republicans, and especially to the Christian segment of the Party. They also do not agree with Republicans on our military (If the Christians do not see a clear differentiation between candidates relative especially to the moral issues, they simply do not vote… As you saw in this last election).

    The Libertarians cannot carry the vote (as you saw with Ron Paul mostly getting votes in single digits, and rarely crossing into double digits).

    It would be one thing if the issues with which we disagree were minor, but they are major and Republicans will not give them up. Libertarians have their own party, and they should stick to it so people know where they are really coming from. The point is that they want to deceive people, which is why they want to take over the Republican Party. By the way, many of these people are rude, insulting, not well informed, and in some cases border on violence.

  9. Sandi Trusso December 14, 2012 at 12:15 pm

    Please stop saying that Ron Paul and/or Rand Paul are Constitutionalists. They are not! They interpret the US Constitution to align with their personal agendas (Just as the ACLU does). People who don’t realize that in order for something to be Constitutional, it has to align with certain criteria 1) The original intent of the law at the time it was enacted (I know our founding father’s never ibntended gay marriage, or abortion, or it would’ve been legal at the time the Constitution was completed) and 2)Legal Precedent… Up until activist judges decided to “create” law, rather than interpret it, there was no legal precedent for gay marriage, or abortion, etc.
    Don’t tell me how Ron Paul is Pro-Life, either. Show me any pro-life legislation he’s sponsored… doesn’t exist. And when he tells us that he thinks abortion should be left to the states, that’s a cop-out, because States cannot overturn a US Supreme Court Ruling. The man is dishonest and so is his son!

  10. John Henke December 16, 2012 at 5:10 pm

    It’s my opinion that the Republican Party is useless. In a way I have more respect for the Communists, I mean Democrats as at least they have an ideology they are loyal to. Our Founding Fathers were right in their distrust of political parties. They knew the good of the party would come before the good of the nation. They were right. And now we are the generation that will reap the reward, or reap the whirlwind for this.

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