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Political Ad consultants will have a field day with Judd and her 'Jugg-shots'

Radical Hollywood Actress Considers U.S.Senate Run (Video)

ByJavier Manjarres


Political Ad consultants will have a field day with Judd and her 'Jugg-shots'

Political Ad consultants will have a field day with Judd and her ‘Jugg-shots’

Hollywood actress Ashley Judd is said to be considering a 2014 U.S. Senate run in Kentucky. While many Americans find Judd’s possible candidacy laughable, there is an outside chance that she could make a serious run, considering that she would probably have the full support of President Obama and his Democrat election-winning apparatus, which would include liberal Hollywood elites like, Eva Longoria, Bill Maher, and George Clooney.

Karl Rove’s American Crossroads is not taking Judd’s possible run lightly, as they have just release a video mocking the actress about her liberal leanings and her unwavering commitment to President Obama. Expect American Crossroads and others to take more shots at Judd’s using here numerous ‘Jugg-shots’ in the very near future.

Here are some of the little known facts about Judd the video points out:

  • Embraces her fellow Kentucky “hillbillies!”
  • Vows to “follow” Obama anywhere!
  • Champions and boasts about Obamacare!
  • Calls herself “aggressively and delightfully radical!”
  • Calls Tennessee her “home!”
  • How her grandma calls her a “Hollywood liberal!”


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1 Comment

  1. Sarandipity February 6, 2013 at 7:37 pm

    She’s laughable. She was once a good actress, but has become an arrogant, ignorant, pompous figure who has an inflated opinion of herself. The senate doesn’t need another vacuum, it needs real people.