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Senator Rubio during a committee meeting 
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Rubio’s Potential Bipartisan Immigration Reform Bill Could Be “Dead On Arrival”

By Javier Manjarres

Senator Rubio during a committee meeting  Shark Tank Media, LLC.

Senator Rubio during a committee meeting
Shark Tank Media, LLC.

When Senator Rubio first stood with his  bipartisan Senatorial ‘Gang of Eight’ to announce the possible framework for an immigration reform bill, we here at the Shark Tank said that once President Obama injects his pro-Amnesty for illegal immigrants proposal(s) into the conversation,  the liberal Democrats in the Senate would then feel the pressure to embrace the Presidents immigration ideas, and force Rubio to back away from this so-called bipartisan effort.




It is likely that President Obama will move even further to the left from the agreed upon Senate bipartisan proposal and submit his own proposal- a move that would provide Rubio with cover and the opportunity for him to slam the President for not working with Republicans. 

Rubio’s vision and ideas for immigration reform are practical and are the only ones that make any sense and offer real solutions thus far in the immigration debate.  But the big question that remains- did Rubio cause  irreparable damage to his brand by expressing his support for a proposal sponsored by other Senators who have a proven history of supporting blanket amnesty for illegal immigrants, putting his possible 2016 presidential aspirations in jeopardy?-Shark Tank

 While none of the Democratic Senators who stood with Rubio a couple of weeks back, have yet to pivot towards supporting the President’s immigration proposals, Rubio is now having to push back, and will most likely turn away from this bipartisan proposal, as we suggested he would eventually do.

Rubio is right, Obama’s potential immigration reform bill would be “dead on arrival in Congress.” But if this were to be the case, and Republicans rightfully so reject a pro-Amnesty bill, then the Democrats would have effectively framed the  argument that Rubio and the Republicans in Congress are “anti-Immigrant” and do not want immigration reform. Again, we called it.

Here is Rubio’s statement regarding Obama’s immigration proposal-

“It’s a mistake for the White House to draft immigration legislation without seeking input from Republican members of Congress. President Obama’s leaked immigration proposal is disappointing to those of us working on a serious solution. The President’s bill repeats the failures of past legislation. It fails to follow through on previously broken promises to secure our borders, creates a special pathway that puts those who broke our immigration laws at an advantage over those who chose to do things the right way and come here legally, and does nothing to address guest workers or future flow, which serious immigration experts agree is critical to preventing future influxes of illegal immigrants.

 “Much like the President’s self-described ‘stop gap’ Deferred Action measure last year, this legislation is half-baked and seriously flawed. It would actually make our immigration problems worse, and would further undermine the American people’s confidence in Washington’s ability to enforce our immigration laws and reform our broken immigration system.

 “If actually proposed, the President’s bill would be dead on arrival in Congress, leaving us with unsecured borders and a broken legal immigration system for years to come.”

Rubio Runs Immigration Damage Control With Conservatives
Rubio, Immigration Reform Savior or Fraud?



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Javier Manjarres

As the managing editor of The Shark Tank, Javier was awarded the 2011 CPAC Blogger of the Year. Countless videos and articles from the Shark Tank have been featured on Fox News, The Hill, Wall Street Journal, and other national news publications. Javier has also appeared on Univision’s “Al Punto” and numerous radio shows, including being the weekly 92.5 Fox News' DayBreak with Drew Steele political contributor

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  1. BoGo February 17, 2013 at 4:27 pm

    Viva la Reconquista!

    Para la Raza, toda. Fuera la Raza, nada.

    When will Republicans learn that they can’t out-pander the Democrats?

    When will Republicans learn that Mexican, Central and South American Hispanics are nothing like the Cuban Republican voting bloc? Hell, the younger generation Cubans voted for Obama, so the Cubans are becoming more like them.

    Rubio is not our brown savior, as he’s being portrayed. Unless we shut the border first, this “reform” will be another Simpson-Mizzoli disaster, courtesy of our brown savior and the glories of bipartisanship.

  2. FLgeezer February 17, 2013 at 4:59 pm

    ‘Although AIPAC, Washington’s most feared special-interest lobby, can hide how it uses both carrots and sticks to bribe or intimidate members of Congress, it can’t hide all of the results.

    Anyone can ask one of their representatives in Congress for a chart prepared by the Congressional Research Service, a branch of the Library of Congress, that shows Israel received $62.5 billion in foreign aid from fiscal year 1949 through fiscal year 1996. People in the national capital area also can visit the library of the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) in Rosslyn, Virginia, and obtain the same information, plus charts showing how much foreign aid the U.S. has given other countries as well.

    Visitors will learn that in precisely the same 1949-1996 time frame, the total of U.S. foreign aid to all of the countries of sub-Saharan Africa, Latin America and the Caribbean combined was $62,497,800,000—almost exactly the amount given to tiny Israel.

    According to the Population Reference Bureau of Washington, DC, in mid-1995 the sub-Saharan countries had a combined population of 568 million. The $24,415,700,000 in foreign aid they had received by then amounted to $42.99 per sub-Saharan African.

    Similarly, with a combined population of 486 million, all of the countries of Latin America and the Caribbean together had received $38,254,400,000. This amounted to $79 per person.

    The per capita U.S. foreign aid to Israel’s 5.8 million people during the same period was $10,775.48. This meant that for every dollar the U.S. spent on an African, it spent $250.65 on an Israeli, and for every dollar it spent on someone from the Western Hemisphere outside the United States, it spent $214 on an Israeli.’

  3. Raymond February 18, 2013 at 1:47 pm

    What and where this guy called Rubio came from, just another spoke person / muppet for the Rublican party they all put him up to this to try to get the Latina attention on the issue but honesty dont want to do nothing about it because party power is more important to them than the people the republican don’t want any type of immigration reform unless it’s in there benefit, that’s right, do you think they care about the people? All they really care about is power but not the people, if they they really care then why won’t they stop the beckering and work together and be a team play and not a cockblocker, huh? Infact do they really want to see anything get done, they vote against every bill that is draft by Obama . Rubio the spanish republican is a fraud, they are only setting him out to improve the name of the GOPs with no real salution just talk talk talks… but truly he need to shut up because he sound really stupid half the time….if you want to find salutions work with our prisedent not against him together we can do anything just a little word of advice to the GOP

  4. DeltaDawn February 18, 2013 at 4:46 pm

    Looks like Bash Rubio Day….Hmmm. I wonder if he were a Dem if the comments would be any different.

  5. sobersubmrnr February 18, 2013 at 10:16 pm

    The money spent is Israel is money well spent. The Israelis are our only real allies in the most volatile part of the world and often take of problems so we don’t have to.

  6. Michael February 20, 2013 at 4:50 pm

    We should give amnesty to all 20 million illegal aliens immediately. The Black youth unemployment rate is 31% and I think we could push that up to 40% quiet easily by giving amnesty to the illegals. It would also make wage competition with the legal aliens better by pushing down their wages, thus making my landscaping bills go down. With labor so cheep, it means I have to work less, save more, and spend more time on the links and fishing.
    I’m all for amnesty.