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U.S. Senator Mike Lee
(Shark Tank Media)

“The American People Deserve Better” Than Rubio’s Immigration Bill


U.S. Senator Mike Lee (Shark Tank Media)

U.S. Senator Mike Lee
(Shark Tank Media)


U.S. Senator Mike Lee took to the Senate floor to call the amnesty-lite “Gang of Eight” immigration reform bill  an “enormous disappointment.”

According to Lee, the cosponsors of the bill, including his friend in the Senate, Senator Marco Rubio, “misled” the country about what exactly was in the bill, saying that the talking points never matched the reality of what was in the bill. ”

The Washington Times reported earlier this week that ICE officers and Sheriffs were “directly misled” by Senator Rubio by promising to bolster interior immigration enforcement.

 The bill we have before us today is an enormous disappointment.  The American people deserve better… This is an embarrassment to this institution and an assault on the principles of democracy -Senator Mike Lee

 The ‘Gang of Eight’ bill, which is now laden with wasteful political pork spending, something Senator Rubio had campaigned against and promoted while in the Senate, is expected to pass  this week by a margin of a least 60 votes. (Video)

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  1. Chopper June 28, 2013 at 9:49 am

    totally agree with senator Lee!!!

    To say I’ll never vote for Senator Rubio again is extreme. A bad Republican is better than a good Democrat. But I will say that if Rubio faces a primary, I will actively work for his opponent.

    • Helena Starke July 1, 2013 at 11:10 am

      I don’t agree with you, that’s the problem if we keep voting in these rino’s it will only get worse. We need republicans who will stand up for their base no matter what. Rep are not voting for the rino rep anymore, that’s of course if they let it be known beforehand.

  2. E.G. June 28, 2013 at 3:00 pm

    Allen West should run against and defeat Rubio in the next senate race. Not only did Rubio affirm that he was against Amnesty for illegals in 2009, he also stated repeatedly that he would denounce his support for this bill and for the “Gang of 8″ if they did not secure the border first. This Senate Bill will clearly not secure the border because it has hundreds of “waivers” built into it that would give DHS and Jeanette Napolitano the ability to circumvent the triggers of “border security first – legalization second” aspect of this bill. If granting a pathway to citizenship to these illegal aliens would guarantee a new electorate of 70-60% Republican voters, would Democrats continue to support it? If Mr. Amnesty, (when he was for it; then against it; now for it again) John McCain got 31% of the Latino/Hispanic vote in 2008 (according to an analysis by the Pew Hispanic Center) what Political benefit does Rubio hope to attain? I am truly disillusion by Marco Rubio…

  3. WoASpectre June 29, 2013 at 10:22 am

    That is assuming there is going to be another presidential run in 2016.
    The way things are going we are stepping dangerously close into Monarchical territory.
    And anyone that is up for the 2016 run is most likely a wolf in another costume of citizens rights.
    This is also assuming that we still have a electoral choice at our next CEO of the corporation.

  4. David Kamer July 1, 2013 at 3:12 pm

    Sent to Mr. Rubio’s office on June 26, 2013 :
    It is with great sadness that I find you have aligned yourself with those republicans (McCain, Flake and Graham) that crafted a bill in the darkened rooms of congress that does not secure our borders. You are against (you say) private emails and a lack of transparency yet you work behind closed doors to craft a bill that no one has had the time to fully read and understand (we have to pass the bill to know what’s in it) but that quite openly gives this administration (and any future administration) the option to never secure the borders.
    You lied to us when you said that this bill would secure the borders first.
    Mr. Rubio, you have been deceptive and have lost my vote as well, I am quite sure, of many other Conservatives. No matter how much wealth you and your family gain from this deceit, and possibly other future deceits, my hope is that you will have to continue to return and confront yourself for this dishonorable action again and again each morning you look at yourself in your mirror.
    Your parents left Cuba to provide you with a better life and many opportunities to become someone of great note. You have now turned your back on those same values that allowed you to become a Senator for the State of Florida; one of only 100 people so honored throughout the United States of America.
    Shame on you for your deception and betrayal of those of us that provided you with that Honor you so profusely pander. You will not be able to fool all of us all of the time and that will become your epitaph.