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GOP Congressional Candidates Jolly and Peters Trade Political Blows



A political catfight has broken out between Republican congressional candidates Kathleen Peters and David Jolly, who are both vying for the GOP nomination in the upcoming January special election for Florida’s 13th congressional district.

 Jolly put out a press release calling out Peters a liar for saying that he represented a firm that benefited (profited) from the failing Obamacare law. Jolly, who was a D.C. lobbyist, as well as former Congressman Bill Young’s legal counsel, was expecting to be dinged on the fact that he was a lobbyist.

 Jolly called Peters’ claims “categorically false” and “nothing more than a desperate attempt by Ms. Peters to dodge her position against an immediate repeal of Obamacare.”

 Peters claim could be perceived as credible, considering that  Jolly did  lobby  for the company, Faneuil, Inc, who landed a multi-million dollar contract to help residents in Washington State enroll in state level health insurance exchanges.

 Hampton-headquartered Faneuil Inc. landed a $11.7 million contract in March to renovate a building and open and operate a call center in Spokane, Wash., to help residents enroll in insurance plans on the state health exchange, said CEO Anna Van Buren. -Daily Press

 Jolly does admit to working for Faneuil, Inc., but denies having worked on anything related to Obamacare.

 Jolly’s claim that Peters’ is simply trying to “dodge her position against an immediate repeal of Obamacare” could have some merit, as Peters has caught flak for not supporting a full and immediate repeal of Obamacare, unless there was another plan already positioned to replace it.

 On Wednesday, former Congressman Allen West endorsed the other Republican in the race, retired General Mark Bircher, and called out Jolly as a lobbyist, and Peters’ as  pro-choice Republican.


 Peters is also expected to catch more grief from conservatives for her support of the controversial Common Core educational standards.

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1 Comment

  1. RINOHunter December 20, 2013 at 8:16 am

    After reading the article and that of Tampabay Tribune, there are strike differences since Faneuil, Inc. also got transportation contracts in Florida, which seems more likely Jolly worked on.

    In either case, constitutional conservatives will not support the left leaning Common Core or ObamaCare advocate, cub scout leader and self serving Latvalla lap dog. Peters is totally oblivious of Federal issues and would be more likely to vote with Obama’s agenda to help bring Graft filled RAIL money back to Florida. Peter’s run is not a lone star, but another minion who also has State Reps and controls the County Commission who refused to abide by the 8 is enough term limits (Karen Seal, John Moroni, Welch & Susan Latvalla) who gave $300K in tax dollars to Greenlight Pinellas to advocate tax increases of $130 Million annually for Rail. They have SEIU, fire & police unions in there pocket proving you don’t have to be a Democrat to promise and give away “Other People’s Money”. This is a gang of Self Serving Charlie Crist Profiteers and would feel just as comfortable in either party and has no problem endorsing the extreme Left Democrats.

    Col. West may very well be on something here with Mark Bircher… No one becomes a Blue Angel pilot or a General without real Leadership qualities and an understanding of Constitutional Limitations and Responsibilities of the Federal Government.